The Brew News for November 19, 2010

Check out the links below for your weekly brew news roundup. Cheers!

  • Huffington Post gives six unique beer parings for your Thanksgiving festivities. What beers will be joining your family at the table this holiday?
  • Discovery Channel’s Brew Masters starts this Sunday 10/21 at 10pm.
  • The New York Times discusses great ciders for the autumn months and what might accompany your turkey well.
  • Slashfood gives 5 unique beer and food parings.
  • China bans the Rogue brand because “Rogues are, ‘…vagrant, idle, sturdy beggars, vagabonds, and tramps… detrimental to socialist morals and customs.’”
  • The Karl Blog gives a few tips on cooking with beer and some tasty recipe ideas using their brews.
Eric “Swedenese” Martin is a co-founder and contributing writer for BrewDiego. As the most adventurous drinker of the BrewDiego crew, you can usually find him drinking sour ales, bitter ales, or beers that are just too strange to fit in to any particular classification.

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